2 Ways To Preserve Kale

Nothing is better for the soul than finally getting to eat fresh greens after a long winter. Our bodies crave that fresh goodness. Kale, sauteed in butter, served with scrambled eggs, is one of my families favorites. Since kale produces so well, it is easy to become overwhelmed with the abundance. If you have too much kale here are two ways to preserve it for future use.

preserve kale

A little disclaimer before we go any further… If you look long enough on the internet for preserving kale or any green for that matter, some will say you need to blanch your greens. Maybe because I am lazy, busy, or a rule breaker, I do not follow this guideline and the kale turns out just fine. It is your choice. Since I don’t do this step it is not included in my instructions.

preserve kale

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Dehydrating kale is super simple. You do need a dehydrator for this task. I like the Nesco dehydrator.

Wash the kale and pat dry. Cut off the stem using a kitchen knife, or take hold of the stem with one hand, at the same time using your opposite hand, run your fingers up the stem pushing the leaves as you go. This method is quick and it easily removes the leaves. Place the kale leaves in a single layer on the trays. Set the degrees to 135 degrees for 2-6 hours. Store in glass jar, or storage container of your choice. You can keep the kale for up to a year. Use in soups, smoothies, or casseroles.

preserve kale


Follow the steps given above for dehydrating. Instead of putting the kale in the dehydrator, place the leaves in freezer bags and store them in the freezer. Once you need to use the kale, it is very easy to break off a portion you want to use. You can keep kale frozen for up to a year.

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