3 Benefits of Barn Cats

I have to confess; I did not want cats on my farm. I know all you cat lovers out there are shaking your head at me right now. I have a rule on the farm, we only have animals that give back like our dexter cows or chickens. I could not see the benefits of cats.

BUT! I have a daughter who loves animals and wanted pets of her own that would love her back.

I caved. We brought home two boy kittens, Thor and Tony (yep, they are named after the Avengers). It has almost been a full year since we brought them home and I am here to say I have changed my mind about cats. So, what changed my mind? What are the benefits of barn cats?

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3 Benefits of Barn Cats

1. They save you money!

We had a rodent problem in our barn. Forget the cheese, mice love grain and they were chewing through the bags. We do put our feed in metal trash cans, but we buy feed in bulk to save money so there are always bags left on pallets waiting for room in the cans.

This was a big problem. It was not uncommon to walk into the barn and eight or more mice would scurry off to hide. They were making a mess of the feed and wasting it.

Now? I have not seen a mouse in months. Our feed bags? Not one hole, they are undisturbed! The cats did all the work for us. No traps to buy, no worry about poisons vs no poisons, no bill from the pest control. The cats are living their best life hunting and I am living my best farm life rodent free.

2. They Hunt the Entire Property

The cats did not stop at chasing the rodents out of the barn, they patrolled our whole property to hunt. Along with the mice, we had a rabbit problem. Rabbits were all over our pasture and were getting into my garden.

Now that we have cats, the rabbits have moved out! My greens beans are saved, and my yield in vegetables went up. So now we have less mice, rabbits, and even the snakes moved out of our pasture.

3. They Bring Joy to Our Farm

Our family loves our cats (I even catch my husband holding a cat, petting and talking to them in a not so macho voice lol). I really enjoy how they follow us around the farm watching what we are doing. They greet us at the back door every day when we go to milk the cow. They have brought true joy to my daughter because they love her back!

I am very glad that we brought barn cats to our property. If you have rodent, mice, bird, or snake problems you just might do well bringing home a few cats!

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