3 Fast Growing Vegetables to Grow in the Spring

Sometimes it is extremely difficult to wait for the first harvests out of the spring garden. Good news! There are a few vegetables that you can plant in early spring and reap quick results. Let’s talk about 3 fast growing vegetables to grow in the spring.

3 fast growing vegetables to grow in spring


First up, radishes. A radish is a crunchy root vegetable in the mustard family that provides a slight spicy kick.

Furthermore, the skins are not only red but also can be black, yellow, purple, and pink which make growing this vegetable all more fun.


For example, a few popular varieties that are commonly found in stores:

Cherry Belle (25 days to maturity)

Early Scarlet Globe (22 days to maturity).

These varieties produce round cherry tomato shaped radishes with white flesh inside.

In addition, a popular European radish that matures in just 18 days is Saxa 2 Radish. Now that is fast food!

Lettuce and Leafy Greens

Generally, lettuce varieties are suited for cool weather and are perfect to grow in the spring garden.

Also look for the cut and come again varieties which means you harvest the leaves in the baby stage before they form a head. In fact, the leaves will grow back for additional harvests throughout the spring.

Rouge D’Hiver–28 days to harvest as young leaves.

Sweet Salad Mix Mesclun–30 days

leafy greens

Leafy Greens

Along with lettuce, green leafy vegetables send out edible leaves that you can eat raw or cooked. These plants for the most part thrive in cold weather and are best grown during the spring and fall months.

Also, leafy greens provide vitamins, nutrients, and fiber that are a nutritious part of a balanced diet.

A few varieties:

Black (Lacinato, Dinosaur) Kale–harvested as early as 21 days.

Arugula- Rocket Salat (Roquette)-35 days

Bloomsdale Long Standing’ Spinach (39-50 days)



Finally, turnips are a root vegetable that have a white fleshy taproot. They are close relatives to the radish and arugula and have a mild, earthy flavor. Turnips can be eaten raw or cooked and the turnip leaves are also edible.

A few varieties:

Purple Top White Globe: matures in as little as 45 days.

Purple Top Milan: harvest in 30-35 days due to its white flat root shape.

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