3 Places to Buy Chicks

It’s time to buy chicks! We just ordered a new flock for this year (some of our hens are four years old and need to be replaced). Are you wanting to buy chicks and start your own flock? I am so excited for you and congratulations on raising your own food! So, let’s chat about where to buy chicks!

Get Prepared

Before you bring your chicks home you need a place set up for them so that your chicks will have a higher chance of surviving. Read my blog post A Beginner’s Guide to Raising Chicks to learn more.

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3 Places to Buy Chicks

1. Local Farm Stores

Yes, you can drive over to Tractor Supply or Rural King during chick days and buy chicks. Usually, they have an assortment of laying chicks, meat chicks, ducks, and even turkey poults.

This is what we did the first year we lived on the farm. We bought 25 Black Australorp chicks. This is the fastest way to get chicks if you are impatient like me, lol. When picking out the chicks, stand and watch them for a few minutes. Choose the most active and strongest looking chicks.

turkey poult

2. Craigslist or Facebook Groups

There are always chicks being sold on Craigslist especially in the spring. You might be able to find someone local to you that is selling chicks. If you are a member of a poultry group on Facebook, you may find chicks on these groups. The downside of buying from an individual is that the chicks will be non-sexed which means you are going to end up with quite a lot of roosters.

3. Hatcheries

This is my favorite option! I love to order from a hatchery. The hatchery sexes the chicks so I know that they will be hens. I can find a larger variety of breeds through a hatchery than anywhere else. The hens I have bought from a hatchery are healthier and stronger than buying from the local farm store. They have excellent customer service when you need them.

The hatchery we buy from is Mt Healthy Hatcheries in Cincinnati, Ohio. I buy from them because their chicks have been consistently strong and healthy. They also have great customer service.

When you order from a hatchery the chicks come in a special vented box shipped to your local Post office. The post office will call you (usually very early in the morning) and tell you that your chicks have arrived. You drive to the post office and pick them up and bring them home.

I hope this helps you find the perfect flock for your farm!

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