4 Ways To Be Content While Waiting For Your Homestead

So you’ve caught the homesteading bug and can’t wait to get started! How exciting! One problem, you are not on your land yet. Maybe you haven’t found the right property, or you are in the saving stages to buy your dream home.

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Regardless, it feels like a lifetime until you get there. Before you know it the seed of discontentment settles in. You let all of the “I wish I could do that… BUT” attitude get in your way. I have found myself in this situation more times than I want to admit. The good news is, you don’t have to stay in this stage of discontentment. You can get out of the rut and begin preparing now for what lies ahead in the near future.

4 Ways To Stay Content While You Wait For Your Homestead

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1.Learn Where You Are

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Even if you are living in an apartment with no land, you can begin learning skills right away. Start by writing down all the skills you want to learn. Highlight the ones that you can do right now. For example: canning (Three Ways To Get Ready For Canning Season). You do not need to sprout one seed or grow one plant to learn how to can. Go to the farmers markets or even the local grocery store, buy vegetables or fruit, and learn how to can them. Learn about beginner chick care, or what livestock you will raise. Check out books about animals, gardening, or composting. Start fermenting, baking from scratch, cooking in season, and simplifying your budget. When you do get on your dream property you will be steps ahead because you learned the skills now.

2.Stop Comparing

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Don’t allow yourself to say “If I only had what they have I would be happy”. Stop comparing! God has given you what you need right now, and He expects you to do your best with what you have. I guarantee if you are busy working on your plans you won’t have time to notice anyone else. Shut out all the noise so you can stay on track. (Yep, this paragraph was for me too!! I need the reminder.) I have told my husband that we were running out of room here on our property (almost 7 acres). In realty we have not even used half of it. I get caught up in wanting more when I am not even using what I have. When I focus on my blessings, my goals, and accomplishments that seed of discontentment goes away.

3. Set Goals

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Back on step one you made a list of all the skills you can learn right now. Turn this list into goals that you are willing to put the time and effort into. Put a time frame to when you will learn the skill and how long you want to spend on it. Then make it a point to reach your goal! Then on to the next one! Before you know it you will have learned many new skills for your homestead.

4. Keep Dreaming

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Don’t let waiting drag you down and get you discouraged. Sometimes big dreams like moving to a new property take time. A lot of time! Keep dreaming, soon you will own your homestead and you will be more prepared because you took the time to start preparing now!

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