4 Ways to Get Rid of Slugs

Just when you think you have everything under control, you notice the leaves of your vegetable plants have holes in them. It may be that you have a slug infestation. Let’s talk about 4 ways to get rid of slugs.

Signs you Have a Slug Problem

A slug’s favorite food is the leaves of the plant. Your plant’s leaves will have holes in them, or the edges will be jagged from something eating them. If not taken care of a slug will eat all of the leaves off of the plant eventually killing the plant.

Slugs also love to eat strawberries so keep an eye out for them when the strawberries ripen.

4 Ways to Get Rid of Slugs


Who knew that slugs were a bunch of partying drunks! Just kidding. They are actually attracted to the yeast smell and the carbohydrates in the beer. Little do they know; they are about to meet their doom.

I saved and washed several tuna cans. Right before dark, I pored the beer in the tuna cans, halfway full. Most instructions say to bury the can in the dirt up to the rim, but I use woven weed fabric in my garden so I cannot dig. I placed the cans on the woven fabric every six feet or so. It worked just fine. The slugs found the beer without putting the cans into the ground. Change the beer every two days.

2.Diatomaceous earth

If you have never used this product before, it is a white powder made from fossilized remains of diatoms. Under a microscope you can see that it actually has sharp edges that cut the insect (slug). Also, it makes the insects dry out and die. Diatomaceous earth works if it is kept dry. Once it rains you will need to reapply. It can kill honeybees, so I do not use this if my plants are flowering. You can buy it here or at Azure Standard.

3.Yeast mixture

This method mimics the beer, without having to buy alcohol. If you do not feel comfortable buying beer, then this step is for you. All you need is 2 cups warm water, 2tsp yeast, and 1tsp sugar. Mix all of the ingredients together and pour it into the containers you are using to trap the slugs. The yeast will bloom and send out the wonderful yeasty smell the slugs desire. Follow the same set up as with the beer.

4.Hand pick

Yep, you read that right. Pick those slimy guys right off the plant and toss them into soapy water to drown them. It is time consuming, so I suggest doing the other methods at the same time as well to make sure you get rid of the slugs.

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