How to Brew Kombucha During Winter

So, you have been brewing kombucha all summer long and have been loving it, but the temperatures are now dropping, and your home is no longer an ideal place to make kombucha. Good news! I have an easy trick for you to keep your kombucha warm and continue brewing throughout the winter. Come into my kitchen with me and let’s talk about how to brew kombucha during winter!


Why Do I Need to Keep Kombucha Warm?

The kombucha scoby is most comfortable anywhere between 75-85 degrees. When the temperature drops below 75 degrees the bacteria cultures slow down which means they are not producing acid. A highly acidic environment is what keeps the mold growth at a minimum and without the right conditions your kombucha is more susceptible to mold.

Also, in my experience because the conditions are not ideal it takes much longer (3-4 weeks) to ferment. The kombucha tastes weak and almost like it has been watered down.

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What you Need to Brew All Winter

Kombucha brewing heat strip mats have come to my rescue during the cold winter months when my kitchen does not reach 70 degrees on most days.

The heat mats are so convenient because all you need to do is wrap the strip around the gallon jar, use the velcro “belt” to keep it in place, and plug in the mat. The mats keep my gallon size kombucha at around 80-81 degrees. Perfect for fermenting during the winter.

What if You Want to Take a Break

If all of this seems like too much or you don’t have room in your budget to buy heat mats you can always take a break from making kombucha.

All you do is pour 1-2 cups of finished kombucha tea in a food safe container add the scoby, put on the lid and store it in the refrigerator until you are ready to make kombucha again. The cold environment in the refrigerator basically puts your kombucha “to sleep” and will last for many months.

When we were renovating our living room, I stored my scobys in the fridge for 6 months without any problems. I have read that others have stored their scobys for a year and was able to ferment just as well.

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