How To Make Tomato Sauce

Tomato sauce is a versatile item to have in your pantry. The sauce can be seasoned to be used in spaghetti or plain to use in soups (such as chili) or as tomato soup with grilled cheese. Come into my kitchen with me and learn how to make tomato sauce.

tomato sauce

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What You Need:

How Make Tomato Sauce

Wash the tomatoes to get any dirt or debris off the fruit.

Next, take out the core, cut them into chunks, and place them in a crockpot, roaster oven, or if you have a small batch, you can use a stock pot. It just depends on how many tomatoes you are cooking and how much time you have.

Finally, cook for several hours on high in a crockpot or on medium high in a stock pot until the tomatoes are soft and falling apart.

how to make tomato sauce

Puree the Tomatoes

Now that the tomatoes are cooked, ladle the tomatoes into the Vitamix.

Before turning on the machine take the plastic insert out of the lid. This will allow the steam to escape so that the lid will not blow off. Cover the hole with a thick towel to prevent the sauce from spilling out.

Puree on high until the tomato sauce is smooth.

how to make tomato sauce

Next pour the pureed tomatoes back into crockpot or roaster. Place the lid on so that steam can be released and simmer for several hours allowing the sauce to thicken.

how to make tomato sauce

Note: Notice the difference in the tomato sauces in the pictures below. In the first picture, the tomato sauce is light in color and a thin consistency. After several hours the tomato sauce has deepened in color, has a richer tomato flavor, and has thickened considerably.

Ways to Preserve the Tomato Sauce

There are several ways to preserve the tomato sauce.

Preserve the sauce by canning it in pint or quart size jars so that it is shelf stable for up to a year or more.

Freeze the sauce for future use. Cool the tomato sauce completely and then ladle it into freezer containers of your choice. Freeze for up to six months.

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