How to Regrow Onions from Scraps

Did you know that you can regrow green onions from the store? This is a fun project to do with your children because the onions begin to regrow very quickly. Come into my kitchen with me and let’s talk about how to regrow onions from scraps.

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What You Need:

Green Onions: One bunch of green onions from the store.

Glass container: I used a 4-ounce canning jar, but you can use any small container you have that will allow the onion roots to stand up in the water.

Pot with soil: If you use this method, you will need a planting container and some potting soil.

The Water Method:

I tried two different methods of regrowing onions by placing one batch of onions in water and one batch in a pot with soil. First, let’s talk about the water method.

Simply cut all of the green tops off of the onions leaving the roots and about 1/2 inch to 1 inch of the white stem. Place the roots into the glass container of your choice and fill the container with water so that the roots of the onions are covered.

By sticking the onions in water, you can prolong their use over several weeks instead of a onetime use or them wilting in the refrigerator.

How Long Can You Keep Them in the Water?

The onions can be kept in the water for several weeks. Eventually you will need to make the decision to be done with them or plant them in soil because the water does not have enough nutrients for the plant to thrive long term.

How Many Times Will They Grow Back?

The onions can grow back 3-4 times before they need to be transplanted into soil.

The dirt method:

This method starts out the same by cutting off the green portion of the onions but then you plant the root end of the onion into potting soil instead of putting them into the water.

I put mine under the grow lights (you don’t need grow lights just put them in a windowsill or countertop by the window) and they grew back with a few days.

When the weather warms up in the spring and the garden soil thaws you can plant the onions outside in the garden. They will continue to grow and thrive through spring, summer, and into the fall.

How do you Use the Onions?

You can continue to snip off the green portion of the onions throughout the season and enjoy as a garnish in your favorite foods.

Use the green portions of the onion to make green onion powder by dehydrating the green stalks and grinding them into a powder.

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