How To Root Strawberry Runners

In season, fresh from the garden strawberries are out of this world! They are totally worth growing in your garden, in pots, or raised beds. Home grown(like most produce) is so much better in flavor and texture. After two years, strawberry plants need to be replaced due to decline in production. The awesome thing about strawberries is that at the end of the season they send out runners for new growth. Free replacement plants!! So let’s talk about how to root strawberry runners for the next year’s crop!

Strawberry runners

What is a runner?

A runner is a vine that runs horizontally above ground. Each vine has three or more buds that will grow into a daughter plant. The runner is attached and dependent upon the mother plant. You can either cut off the runners and discard them, or you can propagate them to make new plants. My vote is to use the new plants, because who wants to throw away free strawberries!!

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How to root strawberry runners

What you need

strawberry roots on strawberry runners
  • Whether you are using a 2 inch pot or a tray, the main objective is to place the daughter plant, located on the runner, into the soil without severing the vine from the mother plant. I placed a tray of potting soil on the outer edge of my strawberry bed. I gently placed the daughter plants into the soil.
  • After a few weeks, roots will begin to grow on the daughter plant. Once this happens, it is time to cut the daughter plant from the mother plant, and place it in its new home.

Now you have new free strawberry plants for your garden. You can also plant them in pots to sell or give them to friends.

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