How To Save Calendula Seeds

Calendula is a beautiful addition to the flower garden. They flower throughout the season, are easy to maintain, and can be used for medicinal purposes. Learn more about growing and preserving Calendula HERE.

Since Calendula is an annual, they are planted every year. I like to save some seeds back for the following growing season, so I will not need to buy them. Today I will show you just how easy it is to save Calendula seeds.

How To Save Calendula Seeds

During the growing season, you deadhead (or remove) the spent flower heads for beauty, and to encourage growth of more flower heads. At the end of the season, allow a few flower heads to remain, so that they will go to seed.

The petals of the flower will fall off, and there will be a green head with crescent shaped seeds. Leave the seeds to dry on the flower head, until they are brown, hard, and slightly spikey.

Harvest the seeds from the plant. Store them in an envelope, in a cool, dark place. Now you have seeds for next year!

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