How to Save Cucumber Seeds

Saving seeds is a wonderful way to save money on buying seeds, and also learn more about nature. Cucumber seeds do require a few extra steps to harvest viable seeds, but the process is rather simple and very rewarding. Let’s talk about how to save cucumber seeds.

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I am not an expert and of course I did not find out from my own experimentation how to save cucumber seeds, but I do love books and the Seed to Seed book has quickly become my go to resource for saving seeds. It talks about fermenting seeds, cross pollination, isolation distances, and even how to harvest, clean, and store seeds properly. I highly recommend this book for you gardener’s home library.

How to Save Cucumber Seeds

Step one: Let a cucumber of your choice stay on the vine and continue to grow. It will first turn yellow and then orange as shown in the picture below.

Step two: Cut the cucumber in half lengthwise.

Step three: Scoop the seeds out with a spoon. Separate the seeds from the membrane. They easily slip out so it is a quick process.

Step four: Ferment the seeds. The seeds are surrounded by a slimy membrane that protects the cucumber seeds.

This gel like substances needs to be separated from the cucumber seeds. Place you seeds in a bowl and add enough filtered water to cover them. I used one cup of water for one cucumber worth of seeds.

Cover the bowl using plastic wrap. I did not have any, so I slid my bowl into a gallon size freezer bag. place the bowl in a warm place that does not get disturbed.

Stir the seeds at least twice a day. You will notice an off smell to the seeds after a couple of days. Also, there may be some white mold on the top layer. The fermentation process is complete when the seeds are settled at the bottom and the seedcases float at the top.

Now it is time to rinse the seeds. Pour them into a fine mesh strainer and run water over them while moving them around with your hand.

Once everything is rinsed off place the seeds on a paper towel to dry.

Store the seeds in a cool dark place.

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