3 Reasons for Pasture Raised Chicken

Is pasture raised chicken better? Is it worth all the work? Yes, I believe it is! Let’s talk about 3 reasons for pasture raised chicken!

pasture raised chicken

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What is Pasture Raised?

Meat chickens are placed outside in a floorless chicken tractor at about 2-3 weeks old and are moved daily until they are between 8-14 weeks old depending on the breed. The chickens are fed grain along with access to insects, grass, worms, seeds, ect.

Chicken tractor used to raise pasture chicken.
our chicken tractor holds 25 meat birds

Why Pasture Raised Chicken

1.Pasture Raised Chickens Give Back

The birds are on pasture from two weeks until they are processed. Every day we move them twice a day to fresh grass and the chickens leave their manure behind which in turn fertilizes our pasture for free. Chicken manure is high in nitrogen, and I can definitely see where my chickens have been because the grass is super green and twice as long as the grass around it.

Grass is greener because of pasture raised chicken

Also, because we rotate them the manure is evenly distributed throughout the pasture instead of building up in one place, so the manure load is not too much for the grass to handle. Without a doubt pasture raised chickens are great for the environment and improve our soil with each batch we raise.

2. Pasture Raised Chickens Are Humanely Raised

As I stated above, the chickens are moved every day to new ground so there is no need for antibiotics, hormones, or medicated feed. The animals are not confined in a crowded facility sitting in their own waste. They breathe fresh air and enjoy sunshine so there is less chance for them to get sick.

Our chickens get to eat seeds, flowers, insects, worms, and yes, some grass on a daily basis. They live their best life here at the farm like a chicken should.

3. Pasture Raised Chickens Produce Healthier Meat

I want to feed my family the most nutritious food as possible. Caring for our animals and raising them in the healthiest environment produces a more nutritious meat. Studies show that pasture raised chicken is higher in vitamin A, vitamin E, omega 3, and iron. For more nutrition information read about it here.

I love that the animals I raise have a great life here on my farm. Because of the way they are raised, the chickens provide healthy, nutritious food for my family that is far superior to anything you buy in the store.

pasture raised chicken

I highly encourage you to grow your chickens out on pasture. If you are not in a space that allows you to raise animals find a farmer and buy locally grown meat. Read my post on real food resources to find a farmer near you.

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