Sweet Life Updates #4

Grab some kombucha and let’s talk about sweet life updates #4.

Idaho Pasture Pigs

Excuse the mud!

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We have four feeder pigs (our batch from 2023) that we have been raising for the past eight months. They are almost ready to go to the processors. I love raising Idaho Pasture Pigs because they are much milder tempered than other breeds of pigs. Their meat has a mild flavor, not “piggy” at all.

We will be getting five feeder pigs for 2024 (with hoping to sell one) in the spring. Getting new baby pigs always helps with the sadness of processing the older pigs.

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Dexter Cattle

Our milk cow Molly just had her calf February 4, 2023, around 9:00pm. It’s a bull calf soon to be a steer. He will eventually feed our family, but that will take two years. We will enjoy every minute of having him here on our farm.

When he was born his little nose was red, so my children named him Rudolph, but we are going to call him Rudy.

One of the biggest pros of raising Dexter cattle is that the mommas are extremely good at birthing without assistance. This is Molly’s third calf with us, and she has birthed all of them without any complications. The mom is healthy and so is the baby.

Now that the calf is here, I am back to being a milk maid! I love milking my cow, it is my favorite activity here on the farm. This year I hope to learn how to make hard cheeses and milk soap with our abundance of milk.

Garden Updates

My husband built a cold frame for our garden (another one is on the way). I will be experimenting with these boxes for early spring planting.

My plan is to grow lettuce, spinach, radishes, and kale in one box. The other box I would like to start brassicas such as broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, and brussel sprouts. I have always started the majority of my plants under grow lights, so I am eager to experiment and see how a cold frame will fare.

Also, we are changing things up our main garden. Along with the cold frames we are converting our garden to all raised beds. I am tired of our heavy clay soil, and the weeds are in abundance so much that I cannot compete. The raised beds we experimented with last year had more advantages than growing in the ground.

Advantages of Raised Beds

  • Easier access to plants
  • Less weeds
  • Better soil composition
  • Better drainage vs our clay soil
  • Warmer soil earlier in the season

Last year we made three-foot-wide by 32 feet long beds. I do not like how long the beds are it did not work out like I thought they would. We are building the new raised beds to be 4ft by 8 ft instead.

I also learned that I need to plan ahead for which plants go in each bed and make sure that the taller plants go on the north side of the bed and the shorter plants on the south facing side. This way the shorter plants won’t get shaded out and cause poor growing conditions.

2023 raised beds

What changes are you making to your garden this year or tell me what is working best for you in your garden. I would love to hear about it.

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