Weed Fabric For Your Garden

Have you ever bought something that changed your life for the better? Weed fabric for my vegetable garden is the best thing I have ever bought!

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If you examine this photo closely you are going to see weeds. Look in the back part of my garden on the right hand side. That whole row does not have fabric at all. It is a jungle!! Now compare that to my onion row. Huge difference!! There will always be weeds that will triumph over your efforts of keeping the garden clear. Sometimes I think I can hear them mocking me when I come in the garden, lol. The weed fabric is doing an amazing job keeping the weeds at bay from my onions. This year my onions are the best I have ever grown. The weed fabric is holding in the moisture and blocking out the weeds. My onions are very happy.

Last year we used the weed fabric under our tomatoes. We did not have blight on our tomatoes! It was fabulous!! Our peppers grew great on the fabric as well. We had one group of peppers in dirt with no fabric, and one group with fabric. The group with fabric was double in size and produced multiple times as much than the group with no fabric.

First time using fabric for potatoes (determinate)

Because we did not have designated walkways the soil was getting compacted which will lead to us tilling every year. I read that tilling leads to soil compaction and kills all the beneficial bacteria and worms in my soil. I felt like I was going to destroy everything I was trying to build. So that is when I came up with my garden design. We are in the middle of changing it up this year. I think it will make a big difference.

The woodchips are the walkways(and yes, I see those weeds in the woodchips…sigh) and the black fabric is where the plants are growing. At the end of the growing season we put manure from our cows or compost down in the plant beds, then cover it back up with the fabric and let it sit until spring. This way the rows will not get walked on and we will be building soil with no tilling. If we need to rotate our crops we can rearrange the plant layout in the fall while we are adding amendments. Eventually, because we are getting older, I would like to make these into raised beds so that planting will be easier.

If you want to use the weed fabric we get ours at growerssolutions.com. I am not getting paid to tell you about the weed fabric I just love it and want you to enjoy gardening without the pain of so many weeds!

To secure down the fabric you need weed fabric pins. We like the longer pins than growers solutions offers to secure the weed fabric. We get the 8 inch long here.

I found out about weed fabric from Living Traditions Homestead on YouTube. They have several informative videos on how to install the fabric and why they use it.

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