What Is Carob And How Do I Use It?

I finally figured out that chocolate was the culprit that was causing my son to get headaches. I needed an alternative for him and found that carob is a popular substitute for chocolate. We tried it and he loved it. In fact, we all liked carob so much that the whole family switched.

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Carob Pods

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What Is Carob?

Carob comes from a tree in the legume family, and is grown in the Mediterranean region. The pods contain pulp that is harvested, dried, and roasted then ground into powder. The powder is sold as carob powder or made into carob chips, similar to chocolate chips.

Carob powder and carob chips look and behave just like cocoa powder and chocolate chips. The difference is in the taste. Carob does not taste like chocolate. It has more of a toasted flavor, naturally sweet and less bitter than chocolate.

Carob is caffeine free. This stimulant, which is in chocolate, can effect some people who are sensitive to caffeine. Since carob does not have these, it makes a great alternative. No more headaches for my son.

How Do I Use Carob?

Carob powder: 1 to 1 ratio

Carob Chips: 1 to 1 ratio

Baking Chocolate: 1 ounce baking chocolate = 3TBSP carob powder+ 1 TBSP water

Recipes To Try Using Carob:

Where Can I Buy Carob?

Carob can be bought online or at any health food store. My favorite brand is Anthony’s Organic Carob Powder.

Carob chips can also be bought online or at any health food store. I was on the search for unsweetened carob chips and found them online at Azure standard.

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