When Everything Goes Wrong On The Homestead

Have you ever had a day, or even months, where you just get pounded with things that go wrong? You find yourself getting discouraged so much that you begin to think why am I doing this? This year has been that year. It has been full of challenges, and I feel like we can’t catch a break. Our pig (who we thought was trained to the solar electric fence) got caught up in the fence, and almost died. I tried turkeys this year, I have lost half of them. I am behind on weeding, seeds are not germinating, the slugs are fierce warriors determined to take my plants. Our car needs work, and today my freezer died.

That did it! As I stood in front of the freezer looking at thawed food I had worked so hard to harvest and freeze, I sobbed. I ugly cried. Then the negative thoughts crept in. You know the ones, “You are a failure”, “You can’t do anything right”, “JUST GIVE UP”.

I wiped my tears, assessed the situation, and started damage control. In the middle of making jam out of the thawed strawberries, it hit me. I am actually thankful for this year, and all of its challenges! I have learned so much from all the first attempts in learning. If I didn’t have the challenges, how would I learn? Because of homesteading, I knew exactly what to do to save my food. I had a plan in place.

I took time to look back at all the skills I have learned living this lifestyle and realized I had come a long way. If the freezer had died three years ago, I would not have known what to do and I would not have been prepared. Everything would have spoiled.

Are you a beginner at homesteading? Maybe you are losing plants to pests, experiencing the death of your animals for the first time, or feeling like you are behind and exhausted. I encourage you to keep going! It is worth it! With each challenge you are growing and learning skills that allow you to not only survive but thrive. You’ve got this. I want you to know you are not alone. We have all messed up and felt that we have failed.

The next time you are faced with a stressful challenge, remember you are now one step closer to you goals.

Leave a comment down below and share a challenge you have recently overcome. I would love to hear your experience.

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