Where to Buy Canning Lids

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned veteran canner it’s time to restock your supply of canning lids. Canning season is just around the corner, and you don’t want to run out of lids in the middle of a project. So, Let’s talk about where to buy canning lids.

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The Different Types of Lids

Metal lid with rings: These are the most common canning lids. The lid is made of metal while the bottom side has a white coating and a rubber seal. A separate metal ring holds on the lid during processing. These types of lids are made for one use.

Tattler Lids: Tattler lids are reusable. They come with a BPA free plastic lid and a rubber ring. You will also need metal rings to screw on the jar to hold on the lid during the canning process.

Where to Buy Canning Lids

Lehmans— Lehmans is a store in Kidron, Ohio in Amish country. They sell everything imaginable for the homestead life. They offer Superb brand metal canning lids. Superb is a company based in Ohio and the lids are USA made! Lehmans sells the wide mouth and regular mouth lids that fit on the Ball canning jars. I buy both size lids in bulk from Lehmans and have been very impressed with the quality!

Regular mouth–24 cents per lid, wide mouth–28 cents per lid. tax and shipping not included. (2023)

For Jars— For jar lids are excellent metal lids and fit on the Ball canning jars. They come in wide mouth and regular. I also like the quality of these lids as well. I just canned 21 quarts of chicken stock yesterday and everyone of them sealed!

Wide mouth– 35 cents per lid, regular mouth– 34 cents per lid. tax and shipping not included. (2023)

Ball Canning lids— These lids are also made of metal and for a one-time use. You can find Ball canning lids in most grocery stores and hardware stores. In the last year or so Ball canning lids have not been performing as well as when I first started canning. They have regular seal failure and I have had a problem with them sealing and then a week later some of the seals let go and food spoils.

A quick search on Walmart’s website I found regular mouth–29 cents per lid. I could not find a decent priced wide mouth lid. I am sure the price will depend on where you live and what your Walmart or local hardware store is charging for them.

Tattler lids— Tattler lids are a plastic (BPA free) lid with separate rubber seals that are designed to be used over and over again. You can buy them on reusablecanninglids.com They can be used in both water bath and pressure canning applications. The lids come in regular size and wide mouth. The process of using these lids differ slightly from the regular metal canning lids.

Regular mouth lid with rubber seal–87 cents per lid, wide mouth lid with rubber seal–95 cents per lid.

regular mouth replacement rubber seal only–46 cents per rubber seal, wide mouth rubber seal only–48 cents per rubber seal.

According to the Tattler website the plastic lid is reusable indefinitely and the rubber rings will last 12-15 years. That is amazing. I have not used these personally, but I do want to try them out. The idea of them lasting so long is very appealing.

A Word of Caution

If you are a beginner canner, I would like to give a word of caution when buying canning lids. It is very tempting to find a great deal on canning lids and buy them trying to save money. Don’t be fooled and waste your money. Research the company you are buying from and make sure you are getting a high quality product from a well trusted company.

Also, only buy enough lids that will last you a year or two of canning. The National Center for Home Food Preservation says,

Gaskets in unused lids work well for at least 5 years from date of manufacture. The gasket compound in older unused lids may fail to seal on jars.

I hope this helps you in your search for canning lids. If you have never canned before I invite you to read a beginner’s guide to canning and 3 ways to get ready for the canning season.

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