Why We Choose To Homestead

So many times, I have heard, “why do you want to do that?” “How do you have time for that?” or “That’s too much work for me!” At first it bothered me to hear those comments, it made me feel like I was doing wrong or maybe I am a little weird. Now that I have been homesteading for three years those comments just make me smile. Let’s talk about why we choose to homestead.

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Our Health

like many other families, our journey to homesteading began because of health issues. I began to search how to help my family naturally. As I was researching, I began to stumble upon information about the quality of our food system, food additives, and how these things were affecting our health. We began to find local sources for food instead of relying on the stores. I started to dream of growing and raising our own food. I wanted to provide the most nutritious food possible for our family. Because of our homestead produced food we are experiencing healing.

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a few years before we moved to our homestead. we had a powerful storm that caused a nine-day power outage. This was a very eye-opening event for me because we were not prepared at all. The gas stations were shut down, the store ran out of ice, water, and any food products that did not require refrigeration. The local fast food had to shut down because they ran out of food. Needless to say, I was worried. I had never had a preparedness mindset, nor had it ever crossed my mind that a store could quickly run out of food and supplies. I realized, I would not want to go through a large scale, natural disaster while relying on others to provide. Homesteading has provided the abundance we were looking for. Milk, eggs, meat, vegetables, and fruit can all be produced in such an amount that we can store our goods through the winter into the next growing season. For the foods that we do not produce we can buy in bulk at a good price and store them in the home as well.

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I realize that when I choose convenience, I am willingly giving up a skill and am relying on someone else to do the task. Each skill I am willing to give up is a little piece of freedom being taken from me. I become slave to those I rely on. I am not suggesting that I have a desire to rid myself of community. That I am superior to all and need no one, that is far from true. I do believe a loss of skill causes a person to sometimes become lazy forgetting that convenience can disappear in a moment (example, electricity). When we moved here to the homestead, we had to learn many skills that were never required at our home in town. Installing field fencing, building stalls and hay lofts, and designing our garden plot were just a few of the projects we completed. I am not going to lie; it was frustrating at times. We were worn out after the first year. We had never worked so hard, physically, in our whole marriage. My garden was pitiful! I tried, but I did not know what I was doing. Even though we had failures, the successes we had were (like our vegetable garden weed fabric) enough to keep our desire alive! With each skill learned, we are gaining freedom.

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I homestead for my family. Not just for healthy food or abundance, but to show my children that they too can grow their own food and provide for their family. They can take pride in their work and enjoy a simpler sweeter life than the modern world has to offer.

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